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Tubbataha in Olive and Blue
Anna Cecilia Valera
So cute

Watch is light and worth the money. Engraving at the back also looks very nice!

Quality and Elegant

Support local businesses with vision for sustainability.

Fall proof?

Pin got loose. Bracelet became undone and watch fell to the cemented floor. Watch still working.


The person I gifted the item to loved it, although the watch was a bit loose even though I an sent the exact wrist size to Narra. Apart from this, customer service was great, they are responsive on IG and delivery (to South Caloocan) was fast and did not take more than a week.


Very nicely done!

maganda, ang gaang dalhin

Nicely and Carefully packaged. However I will need the test of time to assess durability of: 1.cover glass (can it avert misting? how long will the colored rim last?) 2.Wood bracelet parts (will the color fade? will the wooden parts be brittle?) 3 Stone face (sodalite, marble-won't they break? If Copper cafe- will it tarnish?) 5. Dial Roman numerals- will they fade? may be redialed or refaced?

Eclipse in Walnut and Black
Ehud Mikhael Adanglao
Perfect for any occasion

Really classy and neat looking. It gives off a vibe that would make any of your outfit, a more stylish look. It would also catch any eye that would have a glimpse of the watch. A must have for any man who loves watches

Nice watch! Simple and clean look.
I tried adjusting the watch using the included tool pin but it is too hard to do it yourself and is prone to the watch to get chipped.

But overall a good look with any outfit.

Picnic Bag
Jen Panaligan-Taghoy
Beautiful Bag

Well-designed. Compact. Well-made. I love it!

Delivered what was promised and more.

Maganda sya talaga. Narra watch is in synch with the2024 Wood Dragon.

Eclipse in Walnut and Black
Reynan Brian Sale

very nice watch! vintage and classy

Thank you so much! I so love the watch.. it's so light, so cute and just sooo perfect! I was surprised I got it in just 2 days! Will totally recommend this!

Apollo in Leadwood and Grey
Raymond Antolihao

My husband loves it. Thank you!

Eclipse in Walnut and Black
Ryuji Buenaventura

It was so beautiful and I really love your product with touch of Nature.

Thank you

Dried moist

The watch is uniquely wonderful that matches wearing barong. However there’s stain or dried moist inside the glass.

Beach Sand in Walnut and White Marble

I received the item extremely fast. I received quick and detailed responses on various social media platforms and store channels. Also, the custom engraving at the back is a nice touch and has good quality. I sent this as a gift so it was extra special. I'll buy another piece for myself soon!

Perfect gift!

Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! The design is sleek and unique, which is perfect for everyday wear. Plus, I personally liked that the brand is promoting sustainable fashion. Looking forward for more pieces to purchase in the future! ❤️

Tubbataha in Olive and Blue
Lorenzo Ramon Santos
Nice present to buy!

The person I gave this to was very much pleased! Maganda talaga yung itsura ng relo.

Do you have warranty claim?the screen moist. Where do I send proof?

Apollo in Leadwood and Grey
Hevy James Hullez

Apollo in Leadwood and Grey

Narra watch

Very nice and excellent condition

First Narra Watch

So Worth it.

I will buy again

Laguna (Koa and Sodalite)

Classic Dawn in Red Sandalwood and White
Alma Roshinelle De Guzman
it suits me :)

it's a good watch to use and it somehow reflects something personal which I believe in.