Watch Care


Wooden Watch Care Guide

Our watches are made from high quality wood that is made to last. 

Water resistance of your watch

Our watches are splash proof, meaning that they can get wet from time to time without damage. This may include contact while washing your hands, kitchen use, rain, or even small amounts of sweat.

But in order to prolong the useful life of your watch, please take care NOT to expose it to water as much as possible. Exposure to water can cause the wood to expand and weaken, so we encourage that you remove your watch while doing any water based activity. It is also not recommended that you douse or submerge the watches in water. If this happens, let the wood to dry for 1 to 2 days to allow the links to return to their natural size.

Cleaning your wooden watch

Although not required, you may want to clean your watch every now and then if you notice it looking dull or dirty. DO NOT clean your wooden watch by soaking it in water.

The best way to clean your wooden watch is to combine a mixture of one part olive oil and one part lemon juice to act as a wood polish. Use a q-tip or a cottonbud to dip into the mixture and gently clean and polish the exterior of your Narra Wooden Watch.

Durability of your wooden watch

One of the first things you'll notice upon wearing your wooden watch is that it is quite lighter than a regular steel watch. Because of this, it also is not as strong as steel materials, and cannot withstand a lot of force. Please take care not to strike it with excessive force and to handle it appropriately in order to prevent damage. Due to this, it is not recommended to wear your Narra Wooden Watches while undergoing extreme and strenuous activities and sports where there is increased risk of hitting the watch.

Storing your watch properly

With proper care, your wooden watch can last you for years. In order to prolong the shelf life of your wooden watch, always remember to keep it away from extreme temperatures. 

The high temperature when you leave your wooden watch inside a car or under the sun when not in use may cause the watch to swell and crack. Storing it in areas that will make it prone to get wet and to absorb excessive amounts of moisture is also a no-no. 

Store your Narra Wooden Watch inside a jewelry box or inside its own bamboo box packaging is always a good idea when it's not in use.

Adjusting the watch to fit your wrist

Think our watches might be too big for your wrist? Send us a message prior to shipment to ask us to pre-adjust your watch.

Additionally, we recommend you to visit your nearest jeweler or watch repair shop and they can gladly assist in adjusting your watch for a minimal fee.

However, should you need to adjust your watch yourself, please take extra care in doing so in order to prevent your watch from breaking or getting damaged.

You can adjust the watch links yourself if they are too big using the watch adjuster pin that comes with the watches. When removing links, please take a look at the back side of the watch, and look at the direction that the arrow is pointing. This means that to remove the push pin, you must push it towards the direction of the arrow.

Likewise, upon returning the screw, push it back the opposite direction, with the screw head being the last to reenter the watch. Follow this to avoid damaging and loosening the links of the watch.

Refer to this video guide on adjusting your watch.

Alternatively, you can also browse Shopee for cheap watch adjuster tools that will help make it easier for you to adjust your watch.

However, if you find it difficult to adjust the link yourself, we strongly recommend you to take it to your nearest watch repair shop. They will have the tools necessary to help adjust the watch for you for a minimal fee. We DON'T recommend you to use extra force to remove the pins yourself as you may potentially damage the watch if you force the pins out.

For other concerns about your wooden watch, feel free to contact us in our Contact Us page.