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Narra for UP Jeepney Drivers

In the midst of this global pandemic, a lot of us have been hit hard. A lot of our lives have been turned upside down a few months ago. Some people have lost their sources of income. Some have lost loved ones. And some may have lost hope. And while many of us were fortunately able to adapt to the circumstances, and have managed to weather the storm and stay afloat, some of the most important people in society are still left to fend for themselves, without a source of livelihood.

These people are our humble jeepney drivers, who work 24/7 not only to provide for their own families, but to bring people where they need to be. Until now, many jeepney drivers are unable to work productively, and are left with no choice but to beg on the streets, sometimes in groups, asking society for their kindness to help them make ends meet.

But let us not forget how important these people are to society. Without them, most employees of SMEs cannot affordably commute to work to earn a living. Students and faculty relied on them to receive education. And although most of society is starting to adapt to work from home, online learning, and other alternatives, let's not leave these people behind.

Thus, this September, Narra Wooden Watches is committing to donate 10% of our sales to LinkUP, an organization dedicated dto help our beloved UP community, including our UP jeepney drivers.

If you would like to learn more or to donate to the cause, please visit their page at
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